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Terrifying trap rapper 21 Savage and headline-hoarding muva feminist Amber are currently embroiled in a bizarro baeship that’s sparked millions of unanswered questions, shady fan backlash and hilariously petty slander across the whole entire internet.

Her "look" consisted of basically everything you can imagine a cute barista/Etsy user/aspiring Suicide Girl wearing today: the boots, the glasses, the army jacket, and especially the "I have no interest in that thing between your legs that you claim is a penis" smirk. There's an endless parade of public figures who are primed and ready for our withering contempt, and they're making more noise than ever before.In other words, many of the male customers turned into Beavis and Butt-head. @nerve" data-url=" " data-counturl=" class="twitter-share-button"a spin-off starring one of its supporting characters.The other three housemates – Big Head, Gilfoyle and Dinesh – aren’t drawn in any great detail here, with more time spent on establishing the larger-than-life egos of Belson and Gregory.The picture shows the animated teenage delinquents looking as unimpressed as ever and very confused as to who the creatures are.

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It's just prime territory for Beavis and Butt-head."Judge explained that the other main difference is the style of the show, saying: "It's set in the modern world, even though Beavis and Butt-head look and act the same.

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