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Chars array: It’s not necessary or desirable to name every element in a WPF logical tree.

This poses a problem when binding to other elements.

Note the nesting of one markup extension within another in this example.

Run the application and try typing “Red” or #FF336688 in the text box to see the background color change: Find Ancestor: Walk the tree of parent elements looking for a specific type of element.

When you configure a binding you can influence the direction that the data flows.

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Walk down a flight of stairs to enter and saunter up to the one person reception.

They hand you a key on an old key ring and then it is pack your bags up the stairs to the room.

Remember that change notification only happens if the data source object notifies WPF about the changes.

Along with a programmatic interface, WPF also provides a declarative databining interface.

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