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When i use e.cancel = true it provides me an error : Operation did not succeed because the program cannot commit or quit a cell value change. Current Cell = data Grid View1[icolumn 2, irow]; How can I enter the value when the error is prompt ?

What's the best place to implement validation logic code and conditional formatting code for a Data Grid View?

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Canel to true: So I was wondering maybe there's another event more suitable to my needs? Given that I have a way of freezing the edit of a row, I would also like to display an error balloon tool tip next to the relevant row specifying what's wrong.

I have a datagridview having 5 columns(Itemcode, Description(Read Only), Quantity, Price(Read Only) & Total(Read Only)).

However, the user may prefer to validate all the data cells in a row at once.

This scenario can be achieved by using the Row Validating event, which is fired when the user tries to change the current row (changing to another row or when the control loses focus).

Canceling this event prevents the user from exiting the cell until a valid value is entered or the edit process is canceled (via Esc key).

The Data Bound Item will be updated only if the cell is validated.

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