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You don’t have to go out of your way to say asshole remarks, put downs, or negs. If you’re looking for all of the theory behind why this sort of communication works read Double Your Dating (here are the 22 most important David Deangelo articles)…I like to call it “fearlessly funny.” This means that you’re intention is to amuse yourself and those around you… if you already understand the theory and just want some concrete examples then let’s take a look at some of these examples. Mess with her A more politically incorrect way of saying this would be to say “fuck with her.” The same way you mess around with your friends.If you’re just being funny, you’re being a clown – and women may like clowns, but they don’t sleep with them. Signs of effective cocky/funny material are a woman hitting you while laughing, or smiling while saying, “I can’t believe you just said that!

It was a confusing time for me because some women were responding well to the cocky and funny approach, while others were responding very badly and even asking me to go away and leave them alone.

In other words, you are pretending to be arrogant and that is what women find funny, exciting and enjoyable.

Being very cocky and arrogant for real is not something that most people can vibe with, which is why most women will close off to you and even reject you if you’re approach is too cocky.

After having convey you my knowledge about alpha body language, I propose you by now another practical topic. I like it.” ” I like you and your laugh.” “It was a compliment. ” “Hate the game, not the player.” “Isn’t it boring, to be so virtuous? – So apologize.” “Fool me once, shame on you…” “Uuh, my bad.” “You’`re right. I do a lot of things I don’t have to do.” “Flattery will get you nowhere. “Superheroes don’t smoke.” “I don’t smoke, I go in for sport.” “- Do you smoke after sex? ” “With great penis comes great responsibility.” “Discouraging premarital sex is against my religion.” “It’s true, I am kind of retarded, but I am also kind of amazing.” “Don’t you sometimes wish you had two cocks? If you consider me divine.” “- And who do we say you are, my son? ;) ” ” I’m am too lazy to make my thumb work to write you a text. ” ” If a muscular not too uglynaked man leaves you indifferent, wonder about your sexual orientation.

“Concretely, what should you say to a woman you want to seduce? Sort of.” “Stop being cute.” “You look stunning, if it isn`t obvious. – Not from where I’m standing.” “I’ve lost my charm! ” “I am a bad influence.” “You’re forgetting one simple fact. But don’t stop trying.” “-You don’t take no for an answer, do you? – I prefer to talk after.” “Aren’t we a little overdressed ? – I do my cardio in the evenings.” If she invites you at her place for something not sexual “No! I don’t know, baby, I never looked.” “- How old are you? I do.” “When will you guys realize that the only difference between my real life and a porno is my life has better lighting? There’s nothing I won’t try once.” “A fight implies time and energy. – Is it weird hearing you say that actually turns me on? Maybe I’ll just jerk off and go back to bed.” “- So what do you want to do? ” ” Ah no it is not me who like that, you probably confuse with your other boyfriend. ” ” Are you not afraid of being too much turned on later? ” ” – Having sex just for having sex, it is not really crazy – Itdepends with whom ;) ” ” I feel you sceptical, you probably knew a lot of guys bad in bed.

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Nevertheless, cocky/funny is an incredibly powerful tool used to generate large amounts of attraction with women.

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