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The language of baseball has been passed down for generations, steeped in tradition dating back to the birth of the game. Read on, as we explore the bizarre backstories to some of baseball's most colorful terms.So it's only natural to treat the lexicon like gospel ... It's a question every baseball fan has asked themselves at some point: Wait, what the heck does corn have to do with any of this?

The first pitcher denoted as a LOOGY was Robert Dodd in the Phillies system, at the time a 26-year-old Triple-A reliever.

Don't get upset if you feel like he loves baseball more Baseball has been his love a lot longer than you have. Baseball has always been there- through other girlfriends, through both good times and bad, through everything. It's nothing personally and he really, most likely, probably doesn't feel that way, it's just they're almost one in the same, him and baseball. There's no denying you were eyeing that old, beat up, ball cap, and wanting to claim it as your own.

That's something a real baseball lover isn't going to let you do, well at least not right away.

Brown told Uproxx that she met the texter on a dating app and considered not even responding to the text.

In the end, her love of puns and the opportunity to one-up a rude comment, won out.

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