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It can help stimulate a critical mass of demand for more sustainable goods and services which otherwise would be difficult to get onto the market.

GPP is therefore a strong stimulus for eco-innovation.

If you want to know about our development history, see History.

Out of the box, Open Simulator can be used to simulate virtual environments similar to Second Life™, given that it supports the core of SL's messaging protocol.

W 1996 roku ukończył Clear Creek Amana High School.

To be effective, GPP requires the inclusion of clear and verifiable environmental criteria for products and services in the public procurement process.

The European Commission and a number of European countries have developed guidance in this area, in the form of national GPP criteria.

Hoax-Slayer is owned and operated by Brett Christensen from his home office in Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia.

Bundaberg is a small city a few hours drive north of Brisbane and is famous for its rum, ginger beer and sugar cane. He researches and writes most of the articles published on Hoax-Slayer and manages the day-to-day-running of the site. United, we can take back the Internet from the criminals, the spammers, and the pranksters.

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Open Simulator is an open source multi-platform, multi-user 3D application server.

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