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To troubleshoot: If the pager is not responding when paged, please exchange the battery being used with a brand new one (preferably out of the package – paying close attention to the battery expiration date noted on that package).

Learning Record Stores are normally stand alone products including a range of reporting and analytics features. LRSs can communicate with one another, ensuring the data really is free. Whilst your LRS will likely replace and go beyond the reporting and analytics capability of your LMS, there are many other functions of the LMS that aren’t included in an LRS. Data from these experiences can be shared with other systems for reporting analytics and to support adaptive learning experiences.

Wang Song, an associate professor at Beihang University’s…

The fashion industry is becoming increasing political.

Next to make a clear political statement was the budding LRS Studio, whose Mexico-born designer declared 'f*** your wall' and 'no ban, no wall' on the back of models' white underwear.

These two men were some of the designers that used their shows to voice their opinion, as the fashion industry begins to follow Hollywood's suit and make a comment on the political climate in the United States.

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Als mittelständischer Betrieb sind wir dort zu Hause, wo andere gerne Urlaub machen.

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