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Like bosses everywhere, he had more urgent things to do than listen to the worries of staffers who were not in his good books. Now you aren’t sure how your supervisor, Jim, perceives your work. You have the ideal opportunity to request a meeting with him.Keep the tone forward-looking and positive, starting with your request.You’re not asking for a chance to set the record straight (don’t even mention your lying colleague).What you’re asking for is feedback that will reinforce your efforts to be your absolute best.Compared to the rest of the country, San Francisco specifically is seeing a large uptick in the weight its users give to politics.* In fact, compared to last year, 40 percent more San Francisco folks are saying similar political beliefs matter more to them in a potential match than a great sex life.

This meeting is your chance to review all the steps you’ve taken to do better (don’t assume he already knows), show an interest in the challenges facing your group and position yourself as a team player who stands ready to meet those challenges.They are also seeing a spike in those who identify as "centrists." But, more than ever, people are opting to make their their political identities public.Those who veer right at Ok Cupid are having a harder time, too.Their movement was led by wives and other relatives of leading politicians.Women were sometimes organised into large-scale public demonstrations.

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