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"But recent experience down here suggests that what we're looking at in the last few decades is at least as severe and maybe more so than anything we've seen since the last Ice Age." A build-up of fuels from forestry practices that emphasized fire suppression is partly responsible, he said, "but part of it as well--and the data are very good on this --it's climatic warming", as human industrial activity and land-use changes have pumped increasing amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Change in the average date of onset of the spring snow melt runoff pulse between 1950 - 1999.A long-term average decline in annual snow pack, which provides the bulk of the region's water, along with rising average temperatures have lengthened the fire season and dried out the fuel. Summertime temperatures in New Mexico have increased by about 1°F over the past 100 years. Reddish-brown circles indicate significant trends towards onsets more than 20 days earlier., Lighter circles indicate less advance of the onset.“It’s easy to look out here and see all the dead trees and feel all bad about it, all depressed about it,” says Collin Haffey, an ecologist with the US Geological Survey.“It’s harder to see the remnant forests.” In April, Haffey and a team of artists and conservationists went to look at those remnant forests, indulging a journalist in tow.This photo provided by HBO shows a scene from the sixth episode of the seventh season of HBO’s “Game of Thrones.” Dragons fought zombies in a thunderous battle on “Game of Thrones” on Sunday, Aug.20, 2017, a showdown that provides just a hint of what likely lies ahead in the show’s final season.The study is the first to assess the impact of wildfires on forested mountainous landscapes of the US Intermountain West by combining several different ways to measure short-term and long-term erosion rates.Erosion after severe wildfires can be the dominant force shaping forested mountainous landscapes of the U. Intermountain West, suggests a new research paper by two University of Arizona geoscientists.

The fire had consumed 94,000 acres (147 square miles) as of Thursday night, matching the 2003 Dry Lakes Fire in Gila National Forest in Southern New Mexico as the largest fire in state history.

Yet the battle also raised an economic question: Can the White Walkers’ command and control economy defeat their disorganized, squabbling Westerosi opponents?

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New Mexico's Las Conchas fire provided researchers with an unexpected chance to conduct before-and-after studies of how wildfire affected short and long-term erosion rates.

More than 90 percent of long-term erosion happened in the geologically brief time intervals right after forest fires.

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On the Saturday before Easter, we visited the “heart of darkness”—it’s the name Haffey and some of his colleagues have given a 33,000 acre area of the Jemez Mountains scorched by an inferno in 2011’s Las Conchas fire.

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