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We officially became the Great Plains United Methodist Women on January 1, 2014.

Tooley: Historically, Christianity has opposed abortion. Mainline Protestants in America began openly flirting with abortion rights in the 1960’s, though the advocacy of contraception and alliance with Planned Parenthood — at least for some church elites — dates to the 1920’s.In 2014, its worldwide membership was distributed as follows: 7.2 million in the United States, It is a member of the World Council of Churches, the World Methodist Council, and other religious associations.In 2015, Pew Research estimated that 3.6% of the US population, or 9 million adult adherents, self-identify with the United Methodist Church revealing a much larger number of adherents than registered membership.If your answer to any of these questions is “YES”, then welcome to Beulah United Methodist Church!At Beulah we fellowship together, we pray together, we learn together, and we grow together (we also do a lot of eating together).

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